Terry Romero Paul

A Southern California native, Terry Romero Paul developed a love for color at an early age, inspired by the bright hues she observed in the Los Angeles landscape. Those colors often serve as palette inspiration for her still life, figurative, and plein air paintings that the artist creates in her Sherman Oaks studio.

Growing up, Terry expressed her creative nature through fashion design and drawing, but it was in painting that she felt truly able to express her affinity for color. “Vincent Van Gogh once said, ‘The only time I feel alive is when I am painting.’ I feel that quote embodies my own passion for the trade,” Terry explains.

Constantly striving to find just the right value and hue to capture the “loveliness” she sees in everyday life, Terry draws from her spiritual feelings about beauty and love to bring a sense of warmth, happiness, and also a bit of whimsy to her work. The artist strives fervently to share a special moment in time that has touched her, in hopes of translating that experience through her work and in turn, touch the viewer. She hopes that her work will serve as a constant reminder of how sweet life truly is.

Educational Background

Paul has worked as an illustrator, background painter, and muralist. She received a Bachelors in Fine Art from California State University of Northridge and was formally trained in background painting for animation and fine arts at the Associates in Art School, Los Angeles Academy of Figurative Arts, and Chouinard School of Fine Arts.

Body of Work

Terry’s work is representational in nature and thoughtful in subject, compositions of confident, painterly strokes and captivating, vibrant hues that sooth the eye. The artist’s plein air works capture the local Southern California beauty that she loves, as well as images from her travels abroad. She often incorporates organic items like fruit and flowers to remind the viewer that all things have a transient nature.

Terry is widely recognized for her Baker’s Dozen series, a tantalizing collection of thirteen oil paintings that reflect on life’s purpose through an unlikely subject matter.

“The paintings are fun and colorful but they represent more than just ‘sweet confections.’ The circle is a symbol of eternity and each donut has a single bite taken from a different section. This is representational of a clock’s hands, showing the passing of time.”

Several years ago, Terry underwent a procedure for a life-threatening condition and the experience deeply affected her. “I gained a profound spiritual insight from the experience and I hope to communicate this insight joyfully to the viewer,” said the artist of her Baker’s Dozen series.

Terry is currently working on a new series entitled, These Shoes are Made for Talking. The artist was inspired after hearing Delaware Attorney General, Beau Biden, speak about his military service in Iraq and how he had felt it was his duty as an American. As she listened to the story, Terry imagined Biden’s combat boots, and an idea developed.

“I wanted to paint people's shoes to tell their story. There is not another piece of clothing that is more personal than our shoes. We work, play, and sweat in them. They mold to our feet and you can tell how a person moves and walks and what actions they performed while wearing those shoes.” A portion of the proceeds for each painting in the series will go to Soles4Souls, a Nashville-based non-profit organization that provides new and gently used shoes to those in need.

Terry is an award-winning artist who has participated in numerous juried exhibitions and group shows. She is an exhibiting member of the California Art League (formerly known as Valley Artists Guild), The San Fernando Valley Art Club, Women Painters West, the California Art Club, and Oil Painters of America. Her work is enjoyed by private collectors on the West Coast, across the United States and in Europe.

Terry may be reach via email at romeropaul@aol.com